Honeywell Thermal Solutions (HTS) is the global leader in combustion equipment. Their extensive portfolio includes a versatile and innovation range of solutions providing optimal efficiency and reliability.

The HTS family of products features some of the most well-known brands in the industry including Honeywell Combustion Safety, Eclipse, Exothermics, Hauck, Kromschröder, and Maxon. 

Honeywell Honeywell S87B1016 Series Pilot Gas Ignition Controller
> Low voltage, solid state ignition control module > Suitable for: Furnaces, biolers & heating applications > Models are available with or without purge timers ...

Honeywell SLATE Burner Control

Honeywell Honeywell SLATE Burner Control
SLATE is an integrated combustion management system that combines configurable safety and programmable logic into one platform. SLATE is a modular format that is DIN Rail mountable and it allows customers to design their own control for the...

Honeywell Modutrol IV Servo Motor

Honeywell Honeywell Modutrol IV Servo Motor
Modutrol IV Motors are spring return and non-spring return motors used to control dampers and valves. • M62xx models are three-wire floating control motors for use with controllers that provide a switched spdt or floating output and have an i...

Honeywell C7027, C7035, C7044 MiniPeeper UV Flame Sensor

Honeywell Honeywell C7027, C7035, C7044 MiniPeeper UV Flame Sensor
The MiniPeeper range of compact analogue flame sesnor are designed to detect ultaviolet radiations emitted by combustion flames. Used with Honeywell burner controls to provide flame supervision for commercial and industrial burner applications. ...

Honeywell S700/S800 Viewing Head

Honeywell Honeywell S700/S800 Viewing Head
The S700 and S800 viewing head is capable to detect the flame of almost every available fuel type or fuel mixture and have a high flame discrimination capabilty because of adjustable background radiation sensitivity. Designed for use with industrial...

Honeywell ControLinks Fuel Air Control System

Honeywell Honeywell ControLinks Fuel Air Control System
ControLinks uses unique air curves and fuel curves, separate light-off points and different minimum and maximum modulation points. Innovative safety features include a unique potentiometer circuit, component anti-swap protect...

Honeywell VE400AA Series Solenoid Valve

Honeywell Honeywell VE400AA Series Solenoid Valve
Class "A" AC powered, normally closed solenoid valve series is primarily designed for use with pilot and small burner applications, in gas fired appliances such as burners, boilers, ovens and furnaces.   ...

Honeywell C6097A, B Series Pressure Switch

Honeywell Honeywell C6097A, B Series Pressure Switch
C6097 series pressure switches are designed to detect the upper or lower limit pressures of either gas or air supply in combustion systems. ...

Honeywell Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Honeywell Honeywell Carbon Monoxide Alarm
C8600 Series Carbon Monoxide Monitor & Alarm Alarms at 70 PPM Self-tests every 10 minutes Meets Underwriter’s Laboratories’— (UL) 2034 Standard, C-UL (Canada) and CE (Europe) Loud 85-decibel horn — ...

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