SYSTRONIK GmbH was established in September 1987 and was formed out of a merger between two engineering firms. To the beginning of 1996 the AFRISO-EURO-INDEX group joined SYSTRONIK and had majority within the company.

A constant developing synthesis between competence and performance is absolutely essential to guarantee precision, economy and working life. With regard on the last three factors, SYSTRONIK is a reliable partner. Our knowledge, innovation, actual technology and a continuous development of our company guarantee high quality standard.

SYSTRONIK GmbH specialised itself on development, construction and production of combustion gas analysers. Our products are used for examination, setting and maintenance of oil, gas and solid fuel in heating systems.

Systronik BLUELYZER ST Analyser

Systronik Systronik BLUELYZER ST Analyser
This extremely compact flue gas analyser measures and calculates the following parameters, among others: O2 (oxygen), CO (carbon monoxide), ambient temperature, flue gas temperature, draft/pressure, lambda, efficiency, flue gas loss, dew point und CO...

Systronik EUROLYZER STx Analyser

Systronik Systronik EUROLYZER STx Analyser
The handy, highly efficient EUROLYZER STx is a consistent, uncompromising further evolution of the flue gas analyser of the EUROLYZER series which has proven successful with professional customers for many years. The ergonomic EUROLYZER STx offers a ...

Systronik MULTILYZER STe Analyser

Systronik Systronik MULTILYZER STe Analyser
The all-rounder among the portable flue gas analysers is ideally suited for flue gas measurements at heating systems with all standard fuels. MULTILYZER STe can be equipped with up to six measuring cells (O2, COH2, NO, SO2, NO2 and COHIGH). Optimal a...