`New` Eclipse Single Ended Recuperative Burner.

We are please to introduce the New Eclipse Single Ended Recuperative burner which offers greatly improved efficiency, thus saving users even more energy. The new uniquely designed finned combustor provides increased heat transfer surface, resulting in greater fuel savings. The new design also provides exceptional and improved heat flux and temperature uniformity. It also cuts fuel costs from 35% to 55% over sealed ambient burners.
The SER v5 is for use in any indirect-fired applications requiring state-of-the-art burner technology. It has been designed for use in continuous or batch type furnaces in a variety of atmospheres, and is ideally suited to retrofit burners and external recuperators.

The SER v5 offers ceramic combustor and enhanced energy efficiencies:
- 8% higher than SER v3 and over 2% higher than competitors.
- Up to 15% absolute fuel savings versus the SER v3

The new lighter weight aluminum body and SiC combustor offer easy installation and handling:
- New light weight ceramic combustor
- The SER v5 is 43 pounds (20 kg) lighter than the SER v3.
- Integral air and fuel orifices

NOx emissions are reduced through internal recirculation
- UV or flame-rod
- 3 sizes – 4.5 inch (115mm), 6 inch (150mm), and 8 inch (200mm)
- 2 burner lengths – 13.7 inch (350mm) and 19.7 inch (500mm)
- Operates on Multi-fuel - natural gas, propane, and butane
- NPT or BSP threads

• Eliminates the need for external recuperators and insulated piping
• Insulated mounting flange and exhaust housing improve heat recovery

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