ANNOUNCEMENT - GWF Water Meter Range

Accutherm is excited to announce the arrival of GWF Water Meters to our extensive product range. GWF MessSysteme AG is the market leader in Switzerland for measuring and collecting consumption data for water, heat and natural gas. GWF is a proven measuring instrument manufacturer and has developed modern data technology and innovative measuring systems. GWF have been setting standards in measuring data acquisition. Their high-precision measuring instruments are combined with developed and globally installed GWFcoder® technology, in addition to advanced and reliable ICT. They guarantee intelligent smart metering system solutions with enhancing energy effeciency.

GWF meters are designed and manufactured to the highest quality with the use of high grade and temperature resistant materials ensuring measuring stability. The GWF meters are a robust design with the extra dry register design resulting in a meter able to withstand any kind of portable water conditions. 

GWF inferential meters are available as single jet or multi jet meters and are available for cold, hot or warm water application. These meters are widely used for domestic and submetering applications. GWF Woltman and Meistream meters are available for commercial and industrial metering with higher flow rates. These meters are available for either cold or hot water application. All GWF meters can be configured to suit your application and the meters can be fitted with either pulse outputs or the patented GWFcoder for automatic reading and M-BUS interfacing.  

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