ANNOUNCEMENT - PeriFlame Range

Accutherm is excited to announce we have been appointed as the Exclusive Distributor of the PeriFlame Industrial Combustion Range, throughout Australia and New Zealand.

PeriFlame’s is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of high quality industrial combustion equipment.  Combining the best properties of diffusive and kinetic combustion, our microdiffusion burners are demonstrably superior to other type burners. PeriFlames MD-O, MD-G, MD-OG Industrial Burners product lines continue to prove superiority in the field of industrial combustion.  Years of in-depth research which yielded numerous patents separate Periflame from the existing competition.  Periflame’s product design utilizes advanced topological scheme that is calculated with unparalleled accuracy and eliminates the need for turbulizers (swirling vanes) and perforated sheets (grits).  Further, a structural stabilization zone is accurately defined and replaces a widely accepted disorderly mixing and turbulization.  Periflame’s technology and Industrial Burners Product lines are unrivaled in the combustion space. Their range includes:

  • MD-G -Gas Burners              : 0.3MW - 100MW
  • MD-O -Oil Burners                : 0.3MW - 55MW
  • MD-OG- Dual Fuel Burners  : 0.3MW -  75MW



Increased Efficiency

> Stable flame with excess air factor of 1.02- 1.70 w/o CO emission

> Transparent flame over the entire capacity range

Ecology – Low NOx

> Low NOx and thermal pollution

> Minimal excess air factor of 1.02

Safety, Reliability, Operational Advantage

> Minimal inlet gas/oil pressure

> Optimal performance over full capacity range(5%-100%)

> Each burner undergoes rigorous testing and safety inspections

> Ignition at low pressure

Reduce Operational and Ownership Costs

> Competitive Pricing

> Reduced Fuel Costs

> High Turn-Over rate

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