Announcement - Proudly Distributing IGD Products!


Melbourne, Australia – 11/05/18 - Accutherm International is proud to announce their appointment as exclusive distributor for International Gas Detectors in Australia and New Zealand. 


International Gas Detectors (IGD) have been designing and manufacturing cutting-edge gas detectors for nearly 100 years.


Most hazardous gases cannot be detected by people until it is too late. For example, carbon monoxide is colourless, odourless and tasteless; virtually undetectable by the human senses. The IGD range has been designed to be easy to install and modular to fit your every need. All whilst providing top-of-the-line gas detection. With the level of simplicity, there isn’t a gas detection application that an IGD system wouldn’t fit.




It’s often hard to find a gas detection system that works for you. They can often be too big, expensive or comes with unnecessary detectors, detecting gases that aren’t in the area. Or they can be too small; they might not reach an area in your factory or provide sensors that don't detect a certain gas.

This isn’t an issue with an IGD system.

An IGD system can detect everything you might encounter in your factory, like Carbon Monoxide, Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulphide and Flammable Gasses. 

The IGD system is modular, it can grow and change as your needs do.

Each gas detector is linked to a controller or controllers, which can control up to 350 individual, addressable gas detectors.

For a room that is prone to gas hazard, you can also link a room status indicators. A room status indicator lets the user know a room is safe to enter. This is especially useful in cellars and boilers rooms.



What do you do if you have a factory, fitted with hundreds of gas detectors and there is a gas leak? You hear one go off and everyone starts to evacuate. But it will take a long time to know where the problem is.

This is why you need an addressable system. 

Each IGD Gas Detector is addressable, meaning if you have hundreds of gas detectors in your factory and one goes off, you can know exactly where the problem is.

Each Gas Detector is addressable!

Simple Installation


What makes the IGD system so easy to install is the 2-wire Sentinel+ technology. This means that connecting the detectors and accessories to the controller only requires 2 wires for both communication and power.

 The IGD modular, addressable and easy to install system means that it will fit all environments and workplaces.

Easy to install

About Accutherm International


Accutherm is Australian owned with strategic alliances with leading global gas technology and component companies. Accutherm offers highly engineered products, selected for superior quality and reliability.

We can provide Gas Detection solutions customized for you, from concept to delivery.

Accutherm is committed to continuously offer environmentally green alternative options and encourages the practice of recyclable products.

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