AccuthermAccutherm ACCU-TEST Gas Safety Shut Off System

Accutherm ACCU-TEST Gas Safety Shut Off System

For Unsupervised Gas Appliances, purposley designed to prevent gas being restored to open unsafe downstream piping, appliances and outlets or after loss of power.

The ACCU-TEST gas safety system automatically closes off the gas flow to buildings & appliances once a remote interlock has been activated. Such interlocks include emergency stop buttons, smoke alarms & fire sprinkler flow switches.
The ACCU-TEST gas safety system is suitable for Commercial Kitchens, Aged Care Facilities, Apartment Blocks, Hospitals, Workshops, Educational & Science Laboratories.

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Accutherm ACCU-TEST Gas Safety Shut Off System Accutherm ACCU-TEST Gas Safety Shut Off System

• The ACCU-TEST system fully complies with Australian Standard AS5601 Gas Installations.
• Is suitable for Natural Gas and LPG Gases.
• Very competitively priced.
• The ACCU-TEST has a Gas Solenoid Valve Assembly & a separate Electrical Control Panel.
• Control Panel is highly visible with a bright red cover.
• Control Panel has a key lock isolator together with a manual reset switch for local operation.
• Control Panel includes Power on, System fault, Main valve on & Test in progress indicators.
• The ACCU-TEST can be powered by 24V AC, DC or 240V.
• The ACCU-TEST gas safety shut-off system is purpose built & sized for each application.
• The Control Panel can be installed remotely from the Solenoid Valve Assembly.
• Optional battery backup is available.


Schools & Education Facilities


Hositpals & Age Care Facilities

Hotels or Apartments

Commerical Buildings

Leisure Centres


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