AccuthermAccutherm ACCU-TEST Gas Safety Shut Off System

Accutherm ACCU-TEST Gas Safety Shut Off System

The ACCU-TEST Gas Safety Shut Off System is purposely designed to prevent gas being restored to open unsafe downstream piping and can be easily linked to emergency interlocks

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Accutherm ACCU-TEST Gas Safety Shut Off System

Function of Pressure Proving according to AS5601 Gas Shut Off

Gas be monitored by BMS

Easily interlocked with additional safety devices or external systems

Assembled & ready for easy installation

Automatic testing of downstream pressure

Manual activation required following failed pressure test 

Threaded or flanged solenoid valves available

Powered by 240V standard. Low voltage available upon request

Standard sizes available: 15mm to 100mm. Large sizes available upon request

Emergency stop buttons: Twist to reset OR Key to reset 

Emergency stop label

Gas Leak Detectors: Natural gas OR LPG

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Interlock relays (24V DC, 24V AC or 240V AC)

Volt free contact, BMS alarm output

Hotels & Motels

Shopping Centres

Hospitals & Health Care Facilities

Sporting Clubs

Schools & Education Facilties


Restaurants & Commerical Kitchens 

Anywhere Gas Safety is required

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