ActarisActaris Flostar Water Meter

Actaris Flostar Water Meter

The Flostar M is a single jet meter with metrological performances that far exceed ISO/EEC Class C standards. Its low flow accuracy range combined with significant peak flow capacity ensures complete and efficient measurement whatever the faced water flows-rates.
How it works – the water jet is canalised by an injector before fitting the turbine. The single jet tapered injector straightens the flow profile. Its large bore area prevents meter over speed by clogging.

• Single Jet ‘Class C’
• Size range: DN40 to DN150
• Patented ball pivot
• Patented turbine levitation
• Pre-equipped for communication (pulse output enabled, cyble compatible)
• No need for straight lengths before and after meter
• Not sensitive to flow disturbers
• Movable flanges (DN80 to DN150 only)
• Commercial/Industrial Applications
• Far exceed ISO/EEC Class C standards

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Actaris Flostar Water Meter

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