ChaodaChaoda Flanged Ends Jacketed Ball Valve

Chaoda Flanged Ends Jacketed Ball Valve

According to working condition and customers` requirement ,a couple of sealing materials for flanged ends jacketed ball valves may be adopted,such as reinforced PTFE,PPL or other hardened metal.Operation manners are of manual ,worm gear ,and pneumatic or electric actuaors.Design pressure of the jacket is generally 1.0Mpa.As per customers` requirement,special design is available .In general ,temperature protection jacketed ball valve is employing big sized flanges for connection ends ,to which attention should be draw when ordering. Temperature protection jacketed ball valves are suitable for use on various kinds of pipelines of Class150~Class300,PN16~PN40,JIS10K~JIS20K to cut off or turn on the medium in pipelines,being able to protect medium from crystallization.

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Chaoda Flanged Ends Jacketed Ball Valve

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