Elgas S.R.O.Elgas S.R.O. maxiDATCOM Datalogger

Elgas S.R.O. maxiDATCOM Datalogger

maxiDATCOM is a battery powered datalogger with integrated GSM/GPRS modem, optionally supplied from external power supply. Single or dual channel maxiDATCOM has been designed for installation in hazardous areas.

Thanks to large variability of expansion boards which can be optionally installed inside housing, maxiDATCOM offers complete solution for telemetric data collection.

maxiDATCOM uses secure sealed switches to prevent unauthorized configuration changes and obtaining unauthorized data from the device. The switches are located inside of the device. Additionally, sophisticated system of passwords can be activated.

Device has been equipped with six button keyboard and backlit graphic LCD display. Users can easily check instant values, device parameters or archives

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Elgas S.R.O. maxiDATCOM Datalogger

Designed to be used for installation in hazardous area – Zones 0, 1 and 2

Battery lifetime more than 5 years

Fully configurable device (Telves service tool)

Graphical LCD backlit display 128 x 64 pixels

Possibility to connect up to six sessors (pressure, temperature)

Possibility to connect second Data Logger as subsystem

Typical error under reference conditions < 0.15 % from measured value

Certificate FTZU 09 ATEX 0290X

Protection class IP 66

Working temperature -25°C to +70°C


Serial interface RS-232 / RS-485
Optical interface IEC 62056-21
GSM/GPRS modem

Inputs / Outputs

4 + 2 digital inputs
4 digital outputs
2 analog inputs (maxiDATCOM EXT1 or maxiDATCOM GSM EXT1)
Up to 4 analog outputs realized via CL1 module ( 4-20mA)

Optional accessories

Thermowell, mounting kit, three-way tap (type DN 3 PN 100)
Digital transducers EDT 23 (pressure) or EDT 34 (temperature)
Infrared head HIE-03 (RS232) or HIE-04 (USB)
Current output module CL1 (4 - 20)mA
Intrinsically safe power supplies JBZ-02, JBZ-04
Communication modules DATCOM K3/K4
Expansion module for digital transducer option (Option board RS485)
Telves - Setting and service SW

maxiDATCOM GSM Single channel device equipped with GSM/GPRS modem
maxiDATCOM GSM EXT1 Single or dual channel device equipped with GSM/GPRS modem with additional inputs and outputs
maxiDATCOM EXT1 Single or dual channel device equipped with additional inputs and outputs (without modem)


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