Elgas S.R.O.Elgas S.R.O. nanoELCOR Volume Corrector

Elgas S.R.O. nanoELCOR Volume Corrector

The nanoELCOR is battery powered Electronic Volume Corrector with integrated GSM/GPRS modem designed to be used for installation in hazardous areas.

Device can be installed either as stand alone EVC or integrated with diaphragm gas meters. Such solution brings a challenging opportunity to implement high performance and excellent price for smart metering.

nanoELCOR uses secure sealed switches to prevent unauthorized configuration changes and obtaining unauthorized data from the device. The switches are located inside of the device. Additionally, sophisticated system of passwords can be activated.

Device has been equipped with two buttons and backlight alphanumeric LCD display. Users can easily check instant values and device parameters.

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Elgas S.R.O. nanoELCOR Volume Corrector

Miniaturized compact solution

Installed either as stand alone device or integrated with diaphragm gas meter

Designed to be used for installation in hazardous area – Zones 0, 1 and 2

Battery lifetime more than 5 years

Fully configurable device (Telves service tool)

Alphanumeric LCD backlit display

Typical error under reference conditions < 0.15 % from measured value (<0.5 % -  MID)

Certification FTZU 11 ATEX 0247X and MID TCM 143/11-4891

Protection class IP 65

Working temperature -25°C to +70°C


Optical interface IEC 62056-21
GSM/GPRS modem

Inputs / Outputs

3 digital inputs (2 LF inputs, 1 tamper input)
2 digital outputs
Up to 2 analog outputs realized via CL1 module ( 4-20mA)

Optional accessories

Thermowell, mounting kit, three-way tap (type DN 3 PN 100)
Infrared head HIE-03 (RS232) or HIE-04 (USB)
Current output module CL1 (4 - 20)mA
Communication modules DATCOM K3
Telves - Setting and service SW

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