FMGFMG FMR Rotary Meter

FMG FMR Rotary Meter

The FMR series of rotary gas meters are designed to meet the highest demands of reliable and accurate measurement of gas flow. There compact exchangeable aluminum cartridge allows local repair and on-site cleaning. Installation stresses caused by connecting piping are minimal due to the robust design and construction of the casing and cartridge. The aluminum casing (body and cover) are designed for working pressures up to 21 bar.

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FMG FMR Rotary Meter

Flow Range: 0.2 to 1,000 m3/h

Connection Sizes DN40 to DN150

Approvals: MID, EN 12480, OMIL R137

Temperature Range: -40 to +70ºC

Rangeability up to 160:1

Robust Construction

Can Be Installed In Multiple Positions

Rotatable index

Square Impellor Technique

Compact Design

Low maintenance and easy onsite cleaning, repair

MID approved and fully comply with EN12480 and OIML R137.

The FMR series of rotary meters are suitable for custody transfer gas measurement of all non-corrosive gases such as natural gas, propane, butane, air, hydrogen, etc. Typical applications are:

Gas distribution in low, medium or high pressure networks

Industrial applications

Master meters for test benches



Special constructions can be supplied for use under extreme conditions like higher temperatures and corrosive gases.


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