FMGFMG FMT-Lx Turbine Meter

FMG FMT-Lx Turbine Meter

The FMT-Lx series turbine meters are a robust meter, designed to perform on the highest level of accuracy. The meters comply with all international standards and are approved for custody transfer. The actual flow sensor, an exchangeable cartridge, has a build-in multi stage flow conditioner enabling the meter to be installed without any straight in- and outlet sections. All tested and proved according perturbation test as per international standards.

The cartridge can be pre-calibrated, under both low and high pressure conditions, then exchanged on-site. The cartridge is supported in O-rings and isolated from the body, hence unaffected by any influences of the housing. The short length cartridge enables the use of larger sized cartridges than the size of the meter body. The approved maximum capacities of these kind of meters are extremely high and similar to the capacities of ultrasonic meters.

To reduce transportation cost, optimize the corrosion protection and improve safety in handling, the FMT-Lx series of turbine meters up to 6’’ (DN150) are also available with low weight aluminum meter bodies.

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FMG FMT-Lx Turbine Meter FMG FMT-Lx Turbine Meter FMG FMT-Lx Turbine Meter FMG FMT-Lx Turbine Meter

Flow ranges: 5 ~ 10,000 m3/h

Connection Sizes: DN50 ~ DN500

Pressure Ratings: PN10 ~ 100 / ANSI150 ~ 600

MID Approved

Temperature Range: -25 ~ +70ºC

Unique design requiring no straight pipe on inlet or outlet

Length 3xDN

Rotatable IP67 Sealed Index


The standard FMT-Lx turbine meter is suitable for custody transfer gas measurement of all non-corrosive gases such as natural gas, propane, butane, air, nitrogen, hydrogen, etc. for low and high operating pressures. Special constructions can be supplied for use under extreme condition like high temperatures or corrosive gases.  The FMT-Lx can be modified to perform as a master meter or transfer master meter

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