FMGFMG FMT-S Turbine Meter

FMG FMT-S Turbine Meter

The FMT-S series of short body turbine meters are designed for secondary measurement, industrial applications and custody transfer metering. By positioning the turbine wheel in the back of the meter, a full length flow conditioner could be integrated in the meter and as such the short body turbine meter type FMT-S performs at the same level as the traditional 3 x DN length turbine meter. With the newly designed flow conditioner, the minimum straight length upstream according the OIML low and high level perturbations, is even less than 1 x DN.

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FMG FMT-S Turbine Meter FMG FMT-S Turbine Meter

Flow Ranges: 3 ~ 25,000 m3/h

Connection Sizes: DN50 ~ DN600

Pressure Ratings: PN10 ~ 100 / ANSI150 ~ 600

MID Approved

Short Body Design

Removable Meter Cartridge

1xDN Straight Pipe Diameter Upstream

Rotatable Tamper Proof IP67 Sleaded Index



Integrated Thermowell

High and Low Frequency Outputs

Oil Pump



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