GWF WaterGWF Water M-Bus Coder

GWF Water M-Bus Coder

GWFcoder® registers can be implemented with all common standardised or interface definitions, transfering effective data collection.

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GWF Water M-Bus Coder

Proven mechanical roller register with serial interface

IEC interface according 62056-21 mode A or M-Bus interface according EN 13757-2/3

Greater level of information and readout accuracy compared to meters with pulse output

Guaranteed correlation between electronic readout and register reading

Non-reactive readout of the data set via the GWF patented opto-electronic GWFcoder® technology

Enables the retrofitting of wired or wireless automated reading without having to modify the water or gas meter – «Plug & Play»

Automated mobile or fixed network readout of relevant billing data of water and gas meters

Wired or radio remote readout of hard to access metering installations, e.g.
> Meter pits
> Commercial and industrial metering
> Reservoirs
> Transfer or infeed points for water organisations

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