GWF WaterGWF Water UNICO Single Jet Warm Water Meter

GWF Water UNICO Single Jet Warm Water Meter

GWF UNICO Single Jet Consumption warm water meter is suitable for warm water application up to 90°C.

The UNICO Meter is available in DN15 and DN20. It is suitable for measurement of low flow rates up to 2.5 m3/hr nominal flow rate. It is a robust design with high grade wear resistant materials and has an excellent measuring stability and reliability.

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GWF Water UNICO Single Jet Warm Water Meter

Single jet dry-dial meter with magnetic coupling

Register can be turned for best readout position

Maximum operating pressure PN 16 bar

Maximum operating temperature 90°C

Horizontal or vertical installation

5 dial resolution

High grade wear resistant and corrosion proof materials

Inlet strainer

Reconditionable and recyclable execution

Conformity to EEC Standard

Reed pulser IPG14 for transmission of remote or centralised indication devices. Standard pulse value 10 liters. Other pulse valve available on request

Other measuring ranges

Nut, Tail and washer coupling set

Conformity according to European Measuring Instruments (MID)

Regular consumption monitoring of water consumption within an entire building

Wall installation

For nominal flow rates up to 2.5 m3/hr

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