GWF WaterGWF Water Woltman WPDH Hot Water Meter

GWF Water Woltman WPDH Hot Water Meter

GWF Woltman WPDH hot water meter is suitable for hot water application up to 130°C. It is used for measurement of high and relatively constant flow rates.

The Woltman WPDH meter is available in flanged DN50 to DN300. It is suitable for measurement of flow rates up to 600 m3/hr nominal flow rate. It is a robust design with high grade wear resistant materials and has an excellent measuring stability and reliability. It has a removable measuring insert which is easily replaceable and can be retrofitted.

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GWF Water Woltman WPDH Hot Water Meter

Universal installation position

Straight flow section 3xDN

Register can be turned through 355°

Maximum operating pressure PN 16 bar

Temperature up to 130°C

Rotor is hydrodynamically balanced

Symmetrical calibration ring

Powder coating provides optimum corrosion protection

Flood proof standard pulser register (IP68) with ports for two Reed-RD-Pulsers and one Opto-OD-Pulser

Reed RD Pulser

Opto OD Pulser

Measurement of high, relatively constant flow rates

As volume measuring part for heat calculation the meter is suitable for installation in central and district heating applications

For nominal flow rates up to 600 m3/hr

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