HauckHauck AFV Flow Control Valve

Hauck AFV  Flow Control Valve

The Hauck AFV Adjustable Flow Valves are designed to permit easy modification of flow rates at any of the 10 or more adjusting points provided in the valve. The gas or air flow curves can be characterized to suit specific operating requirements from the minimum to the maximum flow rate. These valves are suitable for use with air or any clean industrial fuel gas. Operating conditions encountered in the automatic control of gas and air flows often require valves with an adjustable flow curve which
can be altered at various points of opening to obtain the desired flow rate. Such flexibility is not possible with ordinary adjustable port valves that has a fixed height of the port opening over the entire range of operation. Hauck AFV valves allow
flow characteristics to be controlled with greater flexibility. These valves are designed for use as control valves and cannot be
used as shutoff valves.

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Hauck AFV  Flow Control Valve Hauck AFV  Flow Control Valve

  • Straight or angled flow
  • Installation in any position
  • Available in sizes from 1 to 6 inches
  • Flow characterization
  • Adjustable flow curves
  • Low operating torque
  • Suitable for air or gas
  • Pressures to 15 psig (103 kPa) through 4-inch size, 3 psig (21 kPa) for 6-inch size
  • Temperatures to 200ºF (93ºC)

The AFV can easily be linked to a Hauck Micro Oil Valve and Hauck Adjustable Port Valve for manual or automatic control of gas, oil and air flow to burners.

For the 1" through 4" valves, the valve body and piston are made of cast iron. For the 6" valve, the
body is fabricated (welded) steel and the piston is fabricated aluminium. The valve spring and cam spring are made of steel.

Other internal operating parts are made of brass. All valves have four pads on each side which are drilled and tapped to facilitate

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