HoneywellHoneywell Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Honeywell Carbon Monoxide Alarm

C8600 Series Carbon Monoxide Monitor & Alarm

  • Alarms at 70 PPM
  • Self-tests every 10 minutes
  • Meets Underwriter’s Laboratories’— (UL) 2034 Standard, C-UL (Canada) and CE (Europe)
  • Loud 85-decibel horn — Pulsating LED warns of the presence of carbon monoxide
  • Low-battery warning — “Chirps” and LED double flashes* 
  • Energy-saving design — Extends battery life to more than one year under normal use
  • Warning “beeps” — Notify you of mechanical failure
  • Test/Reset button — In the Test mode, pressing the button makes the unit test all alarm functions. During an alarm, pressing the button temporarily quiets the alarm
  • Installs quickly on wall or ceiling — Mount bracket, screws and 9-volt alkaline battery included. No wiring or electrical outlets needed
  • Provides protection — Even when household electricity fails (when used as directed) Fewest false alarms Carbon monoxide (CO) facts

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Honeywell Carbon Monoxide Alarm

• The only biotechnology-based infrared-gas sensor that mimics the human response to carbon monoxide 

• Detects low levels of carbon monoxide (70 parts per million) 

• Quick recovery. Rapidly returns to its original state when carbon monoxide is eliminated from the environment 

• Every unit is 100% gas-tested to ensure accurate, timely response 

• Maintenance-free. Proven circuit design, microprocessor and software. The solid-state infrared sensor uses a reservoir that never needs replacement 

• Microprocessor intelligence. Self-tests every 10 minutes. Supervises sensor and alarm circuit status to ensure protection 

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