HoneywellHoneywell ControLink ML7999A Universal Parallel-Positioning Actuator

Honeywell ControLink ML7999A Universal Parallel-Positioning Actuator

ML7999A Actuator is part of the ControLinks Control System, and must be used with the R7999 ControLinks Controller.

ML7999A Universal Parallel-Positioning Actuator provides 100 lb-in. torque, pulse-width-modulating (PWM) control of combustion air dampers, butterfly gas valves, oil modulation valves, and flue gas recirculation systems. The actuator includes a precision feedback potentiometer and integral power supply capable of direct line voltage connection.

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Honeywell ControLink ML7999A Universal Parallel-Positioning Actuator

Universal power supply input

Password protected with an eight-digit hexadecimal identification signal

100 lb-in. (11.3 Nm) torque

Includes integral position feedback potentiometer

Separate wiring compartment between line voltage power wiring and low voltage control

Direct coupling shaft interface mounting

Couples directly to a 1/2 in. (13 mm) shaft with no additional parts required

Couples directly to 5/16 in. (8 mm) and 3/8 in. (9 mm) shafts using available self-centering shaft reduction accessories

Shaft coupler assembly available for shafts larger than 1/2 in. > Bracket Accessory Kit available for mounting to Honeywell V51 Butterfly Gas Valves.

Visual indication of actuator position.

201391 Shaft Adapter for 3/8 in. round or square shaft.

32003167-001 Shaft Adapter for 5/16 in. round or square shaft.

32003168-001 Shaft Adapter for 3/4 in. diameter round shaft.

32003168-002 Shaft Adapter for 5/8 in. diameter round shaft.

32003168-003 Shaft Adapter for 9/16 in. diameter round shaft.

32003396-001 V51 Mounting Bracket for 1-1/2 in. and 2 in. valves.

32003396-002 V51 Mounting Bracket for 2-1/2 in., 3 in. and 4 in. valves.

32002935-001 ML7999 NEMA3/IP54 Weatherproof Kit.

Electrical Ratings:

Power Input: 100 to 240 VAC +10% -15%, 50/60 Hz.

Maximum Power Consumption: 15 VA.

Temperature Range:

Ambient: -40°C to +60°C

Storage: -40°C to +66°C

Control Signal (at 5 mA current):

Drive Clockwise: Minimum 4.25 Vdc differential between DR1-DR2.

Drive Counterclockwise: Maximum -4.25 VDC differential between DR1-DR2.

Actuator Stroke:

95° nominal ± 3°, mechanically limited.

Torque Ratings at Rated Voltages:

Lift and Hold Minimum: 100 lb-in. (11.3 Nm).

Breakaway Minimum: 100 lb-in. (11.3 Nm).

Stall Minimum: 100 lb-in. (11.3 Nm).

Stall Maximum: 150 lb-in. (17 Nm).

Feedback Potentiometer:

Total Resistance: 5000 ohms ±10%

Actuator Timing (90° Travel):

Standard: 24 to 30 seconds.

Derated Cold-Start Timing (from -40°C to -29°C): 150 seconds maximum.

Noise Rating:

55 dBA maximum at 1m during normal


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