HoneywellHoneywell IAQ Point2 Monitor

Honeywell IAQ Point2 Monitor

Indoor Air Quality monitoring of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), along with temperature and humidity for commercial applications.

The IAQPoint2 uses IR sensing technology offering temperature compensation for measuring ambient CO2 levels. The addition of BACnet and Modbus digital outputs make it simple to install and integrate into the existing building automation system.

Temperature and relative humidity readings aremeasured at the tip of the antenna that extends from the bottom of the unit. Taking these measurements outside of the enclosure guarantees the most accurate and repeatable readings. A stylish protective cover is also available for those applications where breakage or vandalism is a concern.

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Honeywell IAQ Point2 Monitor Honeywell IAQ Point2 Monitor Honeywell IAQ Point2 Monitor
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CO2 or VOC sensor
Monitor gas concentration readings to drive demand-controlled ventilation; achieve savings and comfort by avoiding over- or under-ventilation

Override feature
Reset demand control ventilation settings based on room occupancy (e.g. during off-peak hours)

Temp/rH sensor
Adjust room temperature at the touch of a button; eliminate extra IAQ devices.

Calibration Port
Connect calibration tube for fast, accurate bump test; calibrate IAQPoint2 without opening the casing

USB Port
Update display graphics with logo and contact information; allow future uploads of product enhancements


Monitoring of CO2 or VOCs, temperature and humidity in commercial applications.

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