HoneywellHoneywell L404 PressureTrol Controller

Honeywell L404 PressureTrol Controller

L404F PressureTrol Controllers provide operating control with automatic limit protection for pressure systems of up to 2070 kPa, or 300 PSI.

L404T,V PressureTrol Controllers are for use on oil burner systems for pressures up to 1035 kPa or 150 PSI.

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Honeywell L404 PressureTrol Controller

Models available in a series of control ranges, and pressure scales, in both kPa and PSI.

All models automatically reset and have an adjustable differential.

Models have snap switch to open or close a circuit on a pressure rise.

Case has a clear plastic cover so set points can be observed.

1/4 inch.18 NPT connection for pipe on diaphragm assembly.

Ground screw terminal.



Controllers may be used with steam, air, or non-combustible gases, or fluids noncorrosive to the pressure sensing element.



High pressure limits, break a circuit on oil pressure rise above set point.



Low pressure limits, makes a circuit on oil pressure rise above set point.

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