International Gas Detectors (IGD)International Gas Detectors (IGD) Room Status Indicators Display Module

International Gas Detectors (IGD) Room Status Indicators Display Module

Our addressable Room Status Indicator is the next step in gas detection evolution. The status indicator allows you to show live readings of up to 8 detectors/devices in the specified rooms. The system provides both a visual indication of the rooms’ current status, but also has built in sounders, to provide both a clear visual and audible alarm status. The door status indicator allows you to instantly know the current hazard in the room without confusing it with a fire alarm. The system provides clear unambiguous alarm indication.

A green light is displayed when the room is clear and safe of hazards (with current gas readings), a red alarm and sounder indicates a hazardous area (with a personalised warning message).  The Indicators can also be fitted with slam switches and key switch options proving extra flexibility and safety coverage.

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International Gas Detectors (IGD) Room Status Indicators Display Module

  • Can be used for door entry control
  • Use the digital inputs interface with other systems such as fire alarms
  • As with the detectors in the TOC 30 Series the Annunciators will interface with any IGD addressable control panel
  • They have a standard 2 gang fitting and can be used with standard plaster boxes or dado rail to neatly fit in any environment
  • Up to 8 devices (both 4-20mA and digital outputs) can be displayed in real time
  • Up to 7 input and output options of one Status Indicator

Room Status Indicators come with a choice of:

  • Base Unit with Detector
  • With E-Stop
  • With Key Switch
  • With Key Switch and E-Stop


  • Cleaning Rooms
  • Cellars
  • Boiler Rooms
  • Small, or enclosed spaces

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