International Gas Detectors (IGD)International Gas Detectors (IGD) TOC-625 Micro Controller

International Gas Detectors (IGD) TOC-625 Micro Controller

TOC-625 Micro is a multi-channel gas detection system. The system can be configured with up to six gas detectors and two relay output modules.

The TOC 625 Micro is designed to be easily installed with advanced automatic setup features. Addressable gas detection systems allow you to quickly deploy an effective safety solution. The controller features Auto-Setup functions which enable auto-configuration of the gas detection system alarm levels, gas types and ranges:

Run FIND function at Start-up when prompted and TOC-625 automatically finds connected devices.

Detected devices are automatically installed

Alarm levels and outputs are automatically set

All detectors are addressable. These systems allow for the use of use of pre-calibrated detectors. Only a single cable is required to interconnect the controller, detectors and relay modules. Addressable gas detection systems of this type typically save up to 70% on installation costs.

IGD’s 2-Wire System controllers offer the best value for money and performance. With up to 350 channels available IGD’s 2-wire controllers are truly groundbreaking! Communication is possible up to 3000M.

Furthermore, two display options are possible, a colour LCD display and jog wheel interface are ideal for simpler systems or where minimal intervention is required. Not to mention, a full-colour touch screen option with visually stunning graphics presents information in an easily understood format. Either display can be plugged into the hub card allowing an easy upgrade path from one system to the other. The hub will support both displays at the same time allowing the colour touchscreen to be remote from the controller by up to 1000M. This allows for configuration of a remote display

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International Gas Detectors (IGD) TOC-625 Micro Controller

  • Easy to install with automatic setup
  • Control up to 8 addressable devices (6 Detectors & 2 Relay Modules)
  • Self-configures to its detectors.
  • Up to 2 relay modules
  • Pre-calibrated gas detectors
  • The system requires only a single interconnected 4 core cable
  • Wall mounted
  • 24V DC as standard or 110/230V AC (using external power option)

  • Splash Guard
  • Collector Cone
  • Bump Kit

  • Plant rooms
  • Car parks
  • Boiler houses
  • Swimming pools
  • Pub cellars
  • Gas bottle stores
  • Laboratories
  • School Craft Rooms
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Breweries and Micro Breweries

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