MaxonMaxon COMBUSTIFUME Line Burner

Maxon COMBUSTIFUME Line Burner

COMBUSTIFUME Line Burners are designed for heating high temperature process air in motion and consist of a rust-resistant ductile iron or aluminumbronze body. This serves as the raw gas or air/fuel manifold, drilled to discharge the fuel/gas mixture between diverging stainless steel or Hastelloy-X mixing plates.

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Maxon COMBUSTIFUME Line Burner

For direct-fired fume incineration and higher temperature process air heating applications

COMBUSTIFUME Burner provides stable, efficient, raw gas operations in air streams with oxygen levels as low as 16% (by volume), or with inlet temperatures up to 566 degrees celcius

12 different varieties of COMBUSTIFUME Line Burners available, each optimized in materials and/or performance factors to match your specific application requirements

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