MaxonMaxon CROSSFIRE Line Burner

Maxon CROSSFIRE Line Burner

The design of the CROSSFIRE burner allows for extremely low emissions of both NOx and CO. Impingement on a series of jets containing a substantially homogeneous mixture of fuel and air creates stability and extremely short flame lengths.
The high excess air converts into low NOx levels. The inherently stable design allows operation of the burner in a fuel lean condition without creating high levels of CO.

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Maxon CROSSFIRE Line Burner

Nozzle-mixing line burner for use with low pressure natural gas firing High firing capacity - up to 2,500,000 Btu/hr/ft (732 kW/ft)

Up to 25:1 turndown for process flexibility

Extremely low emissions - NOx levels of 25 ppm and CO levels of 250 ppm at 3% O2 are possible

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