MaxonMaxon HC AIRFLO In-Duct Firing Line Burner

Maxon HC AIRFLO In-Duct Firing Line Burner

Maxon's HC AIRFLO Duct Burner series provide a low NOx operation in fresh and re-circulating industrial air heating applications. The series can operate in a process air stream with 12% or less oxygen content for optimal efficiency and reliability. The HC AIRFLO burner ranges ensures efficient, flexible operation with lower pressure drops than other duct burners.

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Maxon HC AIRFLO In-Duct Firing Line Burner

High heat release up to 2.5 MW per unit of burner length (305 mm)

Clean combustion with low CO and NOx emission levels

Minimal process air pressure drops locally across the burner as low as 0.5 mbar

Operates in fresh air, preheated air (up to 600°C) or low oxygen turbine exhaust gases

Fires on natural gas, H2 and all mixtures. Special versions for propane, butane, LPG and refinery gases are available

100 % stainless steel construction for long life performance

No external combustion air required

Plug mounted in duct wall insures low installation costs

Burner capacity independent of back pressure variations and uniform heat distribution along burner length due to high gas pressure

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