MaxonMaxon KINEMAX Medium Velocity Burner

Maxon KINEMAX Medium Velocity Burner

The KINEMAX burner is a nozzle-mixing, medium velocity burner. It provides a stream of hot combustion gases that promote circulation within your furnace, improving both temperature uniformity and workload penetration.
The air/fuel mixing design allows for the burner to be operated on ratio throughout the firing range, with excess air up to 4700% for some sizes or with excess fuel.

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Maxon KINEMAX Medium Velocity Burner

Exit velocities up to 300 km/h (85 m/s) to promote workload heat penetration and better furnace temperature uniformity

Operate on-ratio, with excess fuel or with excess air to meet the specific demands of your combustion process needs

Burns most clean, low pressure gaseous fuels or light oil

Turndown capability up to 48:1

Maximum application flexibility with 7 different sizes and maximum capacities ranging from 110 kW up to 2460 kW

Lower fuel consumption using preheated combustion air (up to 425 °C)

Refractory block for chamber temperatures up to 1650 °C

Removable backplate, providing access for easy inspection and/or maintenance

KINEMAX burners can be used with oxygen enriched combustion air

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