MaxonMaxon LO-NOx Line Burner

Maxon LO-NOx Line Burner






LO-NOx Line Burners are designed for heating process air-in-motion and consist of a rust-resistant iron body which serves as the air/fuel manifold, drilled to discharge the fuel/air mixture between diverging stainless steel or Hastelloy-X mixing plates.

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Maxon LO-NOx Line Burner

Provides direct-fired, in-the-duct, process air heating with greatly reduced generation of NOx

Burns clean and odor-free with most low pressure gaseous fuels

Direct-firing optimizes heat transfer efficiencies. All available heat from the gaseous fuel is released directly into the passing air stream.

Modular burner design permits shaping the burner element and total heat release to match your specific application’s requirements. Basic building block concept provides infinite number of possible burner configurations to meet your needs.

Long service life and lower maintenance cost result from rust-resistant iron burner bodies and the controlled expansion of stainless steel mixing plate’s design

High turndown ratio promotes application flexibility for all fresh or recirculated air stream heating

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