MaxonMaxon OPTIM SLS Ultra Low Emissions Burner

Maxon OPTIM SLS Ultra Low Emissions Burner

OPTIMA SLS is a nozzle-mixing, ultra low NOx and ultra low CO burners suitable for installation in dryers (spray,flash, fluidized bed, print, paper and others), air heaters, kilns, process heaters, and ovens. The all-metal burner design provides very compact, repeatable heating with a flame fully contained in its discharge sleeve.

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Maxon OPTIM SLS Ultra Low Emissions Burner

Extremely clean, reliable heat with ultra low NOx and CO production for ease of air permitting and environmental compliance

Large capacity heat releases with a compact, robust flame geometry

Intelligent ratio control for reliable operation and optimal fuel efficiency

Direct factory operational support with optional SMARTFIRE control and communication gateway

All steel and high temperature alloy construction for reduced weight and increased durability

Fuel flexible with natural gas, propane, and butane capability. 

Configurable for dryers, air heaters, ovens, kilns, process heaters, paper machines, and a variety of other industrial heating equipment

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