MaxonMaxon OXY-THERM LE Gas Burner

Maxon OXY-THERM LE Gas Burner

OXY-THERM LE Gas Burners provide the lowest NOx levels of any industrial oxygen/fuel burner, regardless of oxygen purity. NOx levels are up to 70% lower than conventional oxy-gas burners and up to 50% lower than conventional oxy-oil burners. OXY-THERM LE Industrial Burners have substantially improved product quality worldwide while reducing fuel usage and emissions produced per ton of product. 

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Maxon OXY-THERM LE Gas Burner

  • Extremely low NOx levels with patented oxygen staging design.
  • Burns any gaseous fuel, including fuels that may be unstable using air for combustion.
  • Fuel oil capability ranges from light to heavy fuel oils.
  • Quickly convert between gas and oil service by changing the burner nozzle.
  • Patented design eliminates flame lofting providing cooler furnace crowns.
  • Designed for easy installation and service. OXY-THERM® LE Burner nozzles can be removed during furnace operation, eliminating costly downtimes.
  • Dramatically increase the available heat by producing higher flame temperatures from burning fuels with oxygen

OXY-THERM® LE burners produce dramatic savings in high-temperature applications by reducing the total flue gas volume in a furnace. In addition, the higher flame temperature of oxy-fuel firing increases the radiant heat transfer to most applications.

OXY-THERM® LE burners have been successfully applied to glass furnaces, day tanks, incinerators, metal melting furnaces, reheat furnaces, kilns, and many other types of higher temperature applications.

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