MaxonMaxon OXY-THERM LEFF Flat Flame Burner

Maxon OXY-THERM LEFF Flat Flame Burner

For increased radiant heat transfer profiles, the OXY-THERM LEFF Natural Gas Burner produces a thin, fan-shaped flame over product loads or baths. Utilizing patented deep staging technology, this industrial burner produces extremely low levels of NOx while reducing fuel consumption. Like all the OXY-THERM family of products, the LEFF is maintenance free and requires no cooling water or air. OXY-THERM LEFF is a gas burner that has been successfully used in flat glass furnaces, container glass furnaces, steel reheat furnaces, and a wide variety of other applications.     

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Maxon OXY-THERM LEFF Flat Flame Burner

Fan-shaped flat flame maximizes radiant heat transfer in furnaces by optimizing flame surface area

Patented deep oxygen staging optimizes flame luminosity by intermediate free carbon

Achieve industry leading emissions with MAXON’s patented staged oxygen combustion.

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