MaxonMaxon RadMax Burner

Maxon RadMax Burner

RadMax Radiant Low NOx Burners are designed to deliver uniform, high-intensity radiant energy for moisture removal in textile and paper ovens, paint drying, and powder coating, as well as many pre-heat, plastic forming, heat treating and annealing operations. With innovative ceramic or metal foam tiles, the RadMax natural gas burner produces low to Ultra-Low NOx and CO levels for a wide variety of industrial gas burner applications.    

RadMax™ Burners can economically increase production rates, reduce seconds and defects caused by improper or uneven heating or drying, and reduce downtime and maintenance costs when the need for service or repair arises

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Maxon RadMax Burner

Durable, industrial-quality cast iron body construction with stainless steel tile retainers

Direct spark/flame sensing port for simple, reliable ignition and flame detection

Easy tile replacement — spring clip assembly requires no tools for removal

Radiant face temperatures from 1050°F to 1650°F deliver uniform heat for a variety of processes

Rapid heat up and cool down eliminates the need to rotate burner heads away from the product

Low profile design operates in horizontal or vertical applications to accommodate limited space applications

No wire screens required to stabilize combustion on the burner face

Low manifold pressures for normal operation: 4.5" - 5" wc nominal (11.2 – 12.5 mbar)

Manifolds can be arranged to allow for multi-width/multi-length operation of burner sections

Retrofit Maxon P/S Radiant II applications by installing RadMax™ on existing manifolds

Can be used in ovens/chambers up to 500°F (260°C).Durable, industrial-quality cast iron body construction with stainless steel tile retainers


RadMax™ Burners are full premix fuel/air and will operate on both natural and propane gas. Manifold mixture pressures at the burner range from 1" – 6" wc (2.5 – 15 mbar).

The three-tile burner heads have a nominal heat input of 25,000 Btu/hr (7.3 kW). NOTE: Most systems are designed to nominal capacities. Reduced or extended capacities are possible. Contact Maxon for more information. 

Normal operating face temperatures range from 1050°F – 1650°F (565°C – 900°C).

Burner heads are cast iron bodies with stainless steel tile retainers.

Burner tiles are high efficiency, high emissivity tiles.

RadMax™ Burner heads have a quick connect feature to remove and replace individual burner heads without removing the whole manifold assembly from the oven.

Tiles in the burner head are held in place by spring clip retainer frames. There are no bolts or nuts to be removed if tiles need to be replaced.

Type 25 and Type 50 utilize the same burner heads. Type 25 are assembled end-to-end; Type 50 are assembled side-to-side.

Can be used in ovens/chambers up to 500°F (260°C). 

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