MaxonMaxon V-Line Nozzle Mix Burner

Maxon V-Line Nozzle Mix Burner

MAXON V-Line burners are packaged nozzle-mix line burners, especially designed for fresh air heating or low temperature recirculating air heating applications.
The V-Line burner utilises a one piece stainless steel gas manifold. The manifold evenly injects the fuel gas between V-shaped air mixing plates. Combustion air is connected to a stainless steel air box and is forced through the mixing plates where it mixes with the fuel gas.

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Maxon V-Line Nozzle Mix Burner

Nozzle-mixing line burner for use with low pressure natural gas, propane and butane.

Suitable for operation in variable process air-flows.

Stainless steel burner parts.

Allows the use of pre-heated combustion air for lower fuel consumption.

Up to 40:1 turndown.

Up to 400 kW per foot.

Up to 6.5 ft in length. (1 ft = 305 mm)

Available as packaged unit, including gas pipe train and burner controller.

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