PLEXOR Wigersma & SikkemaPLEXOR Wigersma & Sikkema CONNEXION Software

PLEXOR Wigersma & Sikkema CONNEXION Software

CONNEXION software consists of three modules:

INSPECTOR is designed to be used by the field technician. The software will guide the technician through the mandatory step by step test procedure. The test data is collected and displayed on screen in real time.  

DIAGNOSTICS is used to import test data from the INSPECTOR PDA into a database. 

MANAGER is desiged as a tool to organise the CONNEXION software package. It can set the inspection procedures, manage the pressure regulator station data and rejection boundaries. 

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PLEXOR Wigersma & Sikkema CONNEXION Software

Designed to be used in combination with the PLEXOR® test device

Performs automated functional inspections

Company-specific test and inspection procedures can be implemented

Provides a high degree of uniformity of inspections

Inspections are performed very efficiently

Smooth integration with management systems

XML file format

Recognised interfaces: SAP, EnVIstOr NieGaTec, K3V BIK, Maximo, Autodesk AutoCAD Map 3D, Asseco Berit LIDS and MainT

Suitable for Windows 7 and Office 2010 & 2013

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