PLEXOR Wigersma & SikkemaPLEXOR Wigersma & Sikkema Test Device

PLEXOR Wigersma & Sikkema Test Device

The PLEXOR test device is portable and easy to operate. The system connects to the pressure regulating station via permanently installed, specially designed system couplings. Once connected, the device functionally tests each of the main components of the station. Test results are recorded and stored automatically in a hand-held computer (PDA) or laptop

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PLEXOR Wigersma & Sikkema Test Device
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Pressure ranges: 0 to 16 bar and 0 to 100 bar

Tests the set points of the components

Tests the leak tightness (also quantitative)

Tests the quality of operation

No adjustment or setting required

Tests are reproducible

Wireless communication with a PDA or laptop

Impact-resistant casing

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