Pietro FiorentiniPietro Fiorentini Aperflux 851 Regulator

Pietro Fiorentini Aperflux 851 Regulator

Aperflux 851 is pilot-controlled pressure regulator for medium and high pressure applications.

Aperflux 851 is normally a failed open regulator and specifically will open under the following conditions:

  • breakage of main diaphragm
  • lack of feeding to the pilot loop

This regulator is suitable for use with previously filtered, non-corrosive gases.

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Pietro Fiorentini Aperflux 851 Regulator

Inlet Pressure Range:

1.3 to 85 Bar

Outlet Pressure Range:

0.8 to 74 Bar

(Depending on the pilot installed)

Accuracy Class: 

Up to 5

Closing Pressure Class SG:

From 5% to 1.5%

(Depending on outlet pressure)

Flanging Class: 

Class 150 RF according to ANSI B16.5 and PN16 according to ISO 7005

Connection Sizes:

1", 2", 3", 4", 6", 8", 10"

Design Pressure:

Up to 100 bar

Maximum Working Differential Pressure:

84.2 Bar

Minimum Working Differential Pressure:

0.5 Bar

(Recommended > 2 Bar)

Design Temperature:

-10°C to +60° C

(higher or lower temperatures on demand)

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