Pietro FiorentiniPietro Fiorentini Dival 600 Series Regulator

Pietro Fiorentini Dival 600 Series Regulator

Dival 600 series pressure gas regulators are direct acting devices for low and medium pressure applications controlled by a diaphragm and counter spring.

Modular design of the Dival 600 series allows the installation of an incorporated slam shut or device for use as "in line monitor" on the same body without changing the face-to-face dimension.

Furthermore the "top entry design" allows an easy maintenance without removing body from the line.

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Pietro Fiorentini Dival 600 Series Regulator

Inlet Pressure Range:

0.1 to 20 Bar

Outlet Pressure Range:

DN25: BP/MP 12-340 mbar / TR 300-4200 mbar

DN 40-50: BP 12-85 mbar / MP 80-340 mbar / TR 300-4200 mbar

Accuracy Class: 

Up to 5

Closing Pressure Class SG:

Up to 5

Flanging Connection:

ISO 7005-2; class ANSI 150RF according to ANSI B16.5, ASME B16.42

Class ANSI 125 FF according to ASME B16.1

Design Pressure:

Up to 20 Bar

Design Temperature:

-10°C to +60° C

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