Pietro FiorentiniPietro Fiorentini FE Series Regulator

Pietro Fiorentini FE Series Regulator

The two stage self-driven pressure regulators series FE are widely used both in commercial end industrial installations, suitable for Natural gas, LPG or non corrosive gases.

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Pietro Fiorentini FE Series Regulator

Self Driven

Low pressure

High accuracy

High operating reliability

Simple installation procedure


Maximum Capacity:

Min Inlet Pressure To Achieve Max Capacity:


6 STM3/H

15 KPA


10 STM3/H

20 KPA


25 STM3/H

30 KPA


50 STM3/H

50 KPA

Inlet Pressure Range:

0.15 to 8.6 Bar

Outlet Pressure Range:

BP Version: 13 to 180 mBar

TR Version: 180 to 500 mBar

Accuracy Class: 

Up to 5

Closing Pressure Class SG:

Up to 10

Design Pressure:

8.6 Bar

Design Temperature:

-10°C to +60° C

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