Pietro FiorentiniPietro Fiorentini Odomatic Odorising System

Pietro Fiorentini Odomatic Odorising System

> Simply and safely odorises natural gas
> Constant odorisation ratio independently of the gas flow rate
> Stainless steel construction
> Single phase, 220V 50Hz power module with earthing, and back-up battery that guarantees six hours of autonomy (excluding pumps)
> Programming keyboard with 20 columns, 4 lines, L.C.D. back-lit display
> Printer unit with take-up spool
BTP/92 modem for the bidirectional transmission of data and/or alarms
> Intrinsically safe filed input: flowmeter, flow switch, level switch, membrane failure, LF/HF impulse emitter from the gas meter, 4/20 mA signal correct flow
> Power drivers for injecting pumps and emergency solenoid valves

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Pietro Fiorentini Odomatic Odorising System

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