RielloRiello 40 GI Series Package Light Oil Burner

Riello 40 GI Series Package Light Oil Burner

The Riello 40 GI two stage light oil burner series, is a complete range of products developed to respond to any request for residential heating. The Riello 40 GI series is available in three different models, with an output ranging from 54 to 240 kW, divided in two different structures. All the models use the same components designed by Riello for the Riello 40 GI series. The high quality level guarantees safe and reliable operation.

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Riello 40 GI Series Package Light Oil Burner

Standard Equipment:

Two flexible pipes for connection to the light oil supply line

Two nipples for connection to the pump

Flange, screws and nuts for fixing

Thermal screen

7-pin plug

4-pin plug

External probe (for “I” versions only)

Maintenance assembly

Instruction handbook for installation, use and maintenance

Spare parts catalogue


kW Rating:


44/54 - 120


71/95 - 240


71/95 - 240

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