RielloRiello BP D.O Dual Fuel Burner

Riello BP D.O Dual Fuel Burner

The BP D.O. DUAL 3 burner series is a forced-air design with pneumatic atomization. The dual fuel operation is suitable with natural gas, LPG, lean gas or gases with low calorific value (on request) with a light oil such as diesel or kerosene.

Velocities up 50 m/s.
Combustion air temperature up to 50 °C.
Light Oil flow rate range: 1 L/h min to 3 L/h max
Natural Gas flow rate range: 1 m3/h min. to 3.65 m3/h max
Output range: 9 ~ 35 kW 

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Riello BP D.O Dual Fuel Burner

Direct spark ignition or indirect ignition by a gas pilot

Flame detection by UV

Turndown ration 5:1

Pneumatic Atomization

Easy to install, start and operate 

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