RielloRiello BP R Air Heat Burner

Riello BP R Air Heat Burner

The BP R gas burner series has a light weight structure and compact design, its high turn-down ratio makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications. The burner body is carbon steel, parts in contact with the flame are in refractory steel and in nickel chrome alloys.

Sizes range from 87 kW up to 1450 kW

Turndown ratio up to 50:1

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Riello BP R Air Heat Burner

Burner Model

Min. Output


Max. Output


BP R 75 5 87
BP R 150 4 180
BP R 300 4 360
BP R 450 18 525
BP R 600 18 700
BP R 800 18 930
BP R 1200 30 1450


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