RielloRiello GI-EMME 300 - 900 Series Package Dual Fuel Burner

Riello GI-EMME 300 - 900 Series Package Dual Fuel Burner

The GI/EMME 300-900 series of burners covers a firing range from 175 to 922 kW. They have been designed for middle and high output users and they are particularly suitable for pressurised boiler applications. Two options of operation are available: only gas and only light oil - settable by a selector and a terminal board. Light oil circuit is fitted with it's own electric motor: this permits pump to stop during gas operation preventing danger of a pumping seizure.

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Riello GI-EMME 300 - 900 Series Package Dual Fuel Burner

Monoblock forced draught dual fuel burner, two stage operation, made up of:

- Air suction circuit

- Fan with forward curved blades

- Air damper for setting controlled by a servomotor

- Combustion head, that can be set on the basis of required output

- Minimum air pressure switch

- Fan electrical motor

- Pump electrical motor

- Gears pump for high pressure fuel supply, fitted with:

- Filter

- Pressure regulator

- Connections for installing a pressure gauge and a a vacuometer

- Internal by-pass for single pipe installation

- Valve unit with a double oil safety valve on the output circuit

- UV photocell for flame detection

- Flame inspection window

- Slide bars for easier installation and maintenance

- Protection filter against radio interference

- IP X0D (IP 40) protection level.


Extended Head Kit

Sound proofing box


Seal control kit

Stabiliser spring




kW Rating:


107/175 - 332 kW


116/232 - 465 kW


174/348 - 665 kW


250/525 - 922 kW

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