RielloRiello PRESS T/G Series Package Light Oil Burner

Riello PRESS T/G Series Package Light Oil Burner

The PRESS T/G series of burners covers a firing range from 830 to 5340 kW. Available in 4 different models, this burners range is particularly well suited for pressurized chamber boilers. The burners are fitted with a microprocessor-based burner safety control box which supplies indication of operation and diagnosis of fault cause.

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Riello PRESS T/G Series Package Light Oil Burner

Standard Equipment:

2 flexible pipes for connection to the oil supply network

2 nipples for the connection to the pump

4 wiring looms fittings for electrical connections

4 screws for fixing the burner flange to the boiler

2 slide bar extensions (for the extended model of P 300 T/G and P 450 T/G)

Gasket for flange

1 Star Delta starter (On models where provided)

Diffuser disk (P 450 T/G)

Instruction handbook for installation, use and maintenance

Spare parts catalogue


kW Rating:

P 140 T/G

380/830 - 1660

P 200 T/G

557/1186 - 2372

P 300 T/G

712/1779 - 3560

P 450 T/G

890/2670 - 5340

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