RielloRiello RLS Series Package Dual Fuel Burner

Riello RLS Series Package Dual Fuel Burner

The RLS series of burners covers a firing range from 163 to 1395 kW. it has been designed for use in low or medium temperature hot water boilers, hot air or steam generators, diathermic oil boilers. Operation is “two stage”; the burners are fitted with an electronic device LED PANEL, which supplies a diagnostic of burner status. Optimisation of sound emissions is guaranteed by the use of fans with reverse curve blades and sound deadening material incorporated in the air suction circuit. The elevated performance of the fans and combustion head guarantee flexibility of use and excellent working at all firing rates. The exclusive design ensures reduced dimensions, simple use and maintenance. A wide range of accessories guarantees elevated working flexibility.

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Riello RLS Series Package Dual Fuel Burner

Monobloc forced draught dual fuel burner, two stage operation, made up of:

- Air suction circuit lined with sound-proofing material

- Fan with reverse curve blades

- Fan starting motor

- Air damper for air setting controlled by a servomotor

- Minimum air pressure switch

- Combustion head, that can be set on the basis of required output

- Gears pump for high pressure fuel supply

- Pump starting motor

- Oil safety valves

- Two oil valves (1st and 2nd stage)

- Burner safety control box

- Electronic device to check all burners operational modes (Led Panel)

- UV photocell for flame detection

- Burner on/off switch

- Oil/Gas selector

- Manual 1st and 2nd stage switch

- Plugs for electrical connections (RLS 28-38-50)

- Flame inspection window

- Slide bars for easier installation and maintenance

- Protection filter against radio interference

- IP 44 electric protection level.

Degasing unit

Connection flange kit

Sound proofing box

LPG kit


Extended head kit


Continuous ventilation kit

Stabiliser spring





kW Rating:

RLS 28

100/163 - 325 kW

RLS 38

116/232 - 442 kW

RLS 50

145/290 - 581 kW

RLS 70

232/465 - 814 kW

RLS 100

349/698 - 1,163 kW

RLS 130

465/930 - 1,395 kW

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