TPITPI A740 Infrared Printer

TPI A740 Infrared Printer

TPI A740 Infrared Printer is compatible with the 700 Series Analysers, 1000 Series Indoor Air Quality Meters and 665 Data Logging Manometer.

It uses thermal paper and works off 4 x "AA" batteries.

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TPI A740 Infrared Printer

Power On indication (red LED)
Adjustable contrast (low, norm, high)
Manual paper feed (advance)

Operates on 4 “AA” batteries

Self test at Power On

3-Year Warranty

Replacement Paper

Batteries Included

 Maximum Transmitting Distance  45 cm
 Maximum Horizontal Receiving Angle  ± 30°
 Vertical Receiving Angle  -10° to + 20°
 Battery Power  4 x 1.5V Alkaline battery
 Paper  A746
 Operating Temperature  0° to 50°C
 Operating Humidity  5% to 80% RH
 Storage Temperature  -10° to 60°C


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