Accutherm Education Dept ACCU-TEST (VIC) Gas Safety Shut Off System

Accutherm Education Dept ACCU-TEST (VIC) Gas Safety Shut Off System

Accutherm’s Gas Safety Shut-off system, the “ACCU-TEST” is purposely designed to prevent gas being restored to open, unsafe downstream piping, appliances, or outlets. Accutherm has customised an ACCU-TEST specifically for Victorian Education Facilities. The gas supply can be interrupted either by manual activation or automatically, and is fitted with a 24 hour 7 day timer to set the time period for each day that the gas supply is available. It is also possible to safely shut off the gas flow by connecting remote interlocks such as Emergency Stop “E-Stop” buttons, fire alarms or such like inputs into the control circuit. The ACCU-TEST system will also cut the gas flow to downstream pipework in the event of a power failure. Once power is restored the system will need to be manually reset, and requires all gas outlets downstream to be closed before the system will allow gas to be safely delivered.

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