Elgas S.R.O. DATCOM-AMR2 Communicator

Elgas S.R.O. DATCOM-AMR2 Communicator

GSM/GPRS communicator DATCOM-AMR2 belongs to the product family of Automatic Meter Reading devices. DATCOM-AMR2 collects data from connected correctors, digital inputs or internal states, and saves them into internal high capacity memory. The collected data are then regularly sent to the remote superior system.

DATCOM-AMR2 is powered by lithium batteries with no option of an external power supply, making to suitable for installed in a hazardous area.

DATCOM-AMR2 can be easily adapted to corrector’s communication interface which can be equipped by exchangeable serial communication module. There are several communication module variants available (RS485, RS232, UNIWIRE etc)

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